The History of Sutter Buttes Imaging

The radiologists of Sutter Buttes Imaging are proud to represent a legacy of over 50 years of radiology and imaging services to the Yuba-Sutter community. From its humble origins to today’s digital imaging world, Sutter Buttes Imaging (SBI) embodies the best of a local medical practice firmly rooted in the Bi-County region, dedicated to bringing the best imaging technology to our local patients and doctors. Our Board Certified physicians offer you the area’s broadest range of digital imaging services.

With a history of practicing radiology in Marysville stretching back to the post WWII years, our founder Dr. Robert Ayers teamed up with Dr. Robert Wallace in 1954 to establish a small group practice which would one day become Sutter Buttes Imaging. In the 1950’s the practice began to provide radiology services to Rideout Memorial, Yuba City Community, Yuba and Sutter County Hospitals, in addition to Marysville Medical Clinic. Services to the new Fremont Hospital were added upon its opening in 1959.

In 1960, the group opened Yuba City’s first private radiology practice on Plumas Street. Shortly thereafter, the practice grew to 5 radiologists, including Drs. Lynn Frink, George Lott, and William Knorr. By 1970, the practice was incorporated as Bi-County Radiology Medical Group, Inc. In 1972, Dr. Robert T. Wankmuller, Sr. joined the group. As the practice continued to expand its services during the 70’s and 80’s, they established the community’s first mammography unit. Outgrowing its old facility by the late-eighties, the group relocated to its current imaging center in 1991, and installed the first permanent MRI unit in the Yuba-Sutter area. In 1996, after changing its name to Sutter Buttes Imaging Medical Group, Inc., the imaging center was upgraded and expanded and in 2004, a beautiful new wing was opened to accommodate growth. Continuing the long relationship with its community hospitals, our radiologists proudly serve the imaging departments at the Fremont-Rideout Health Group facilities.

Today, three current radiologists follow in their fathers’ footsteps; Drs. Nelson Frink, Susan Lott and Robert Wankmuller, Jr. While retaining its roots in the past, SBI has now become the first fully-digital free-standing imaging facility in the area, utilizing PACS technology. Complementing its high-resolution MRI unit, the Shasta Street facility recently added a multi-slice CT scanner, digital x-ray services, and most recently, state-of-the art digital mammography. By drawing on the latest in sophisticated imaging technology, the group proudly continues its dedication to community-based medical care for the Yuba-Sutter area.